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Like Dislike. Please note that the the forum rules have been re-written, to help simplify and clarify them, and to allow the forum and chat rules to be pitbull chat room. In essence, they remain the same, just with different language and formatting. But please review them again as a refresher.


Asl in chat Hellion Posts : 61 date : Last edited by SleepyPillow on Wed 05 Jul; edited 1 time in total. Sounds really good.

Arani already set one up? In case someone thinks about it, I will write Count Adhemar a bit about discord.

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I went ahead and made one, I'll transfer the controls once a mod s. It'd be much better than the chatbox I think, and be a great place for instant advice, questions, clarifications, and other discussions.

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If you have any problems, you can take it up with my Incubi. Granted at the cost of having something else to manage for the moderators. Go to. If skype free chat rooms could post that here that would be lovely.

I use Discord regularly, and would happily another community on there.

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Click on a voice channel to the channel, it'll work chat gamer your avatar shows up under the chat list. Why would you need a free alternative to something that is already free to begin with? In what world could you possibly beat me? Didn't realize that.

Or y'all could come our party. I'm sure there are inconsistencies, please let me know where they lie as you find them. Cmon guys!

Cinderford chat app

Personally I think this would be a great idea, and I really hope we do set one up. PM me if you need help setting it up or anything. We can easily jump over. Phone settings are greatly restricted.

Vindicavi Kabalite Warrior Posts : date : female chat app Subject: Darkcity Discord Fri 10 Feb What's a discord server? Personally, I am somewhat social media challengedbut thank you very much for the suggestion, Vindicavi, and we will definitely look into it. Thank you! Also I made the server based in London, if that's all right with y'all. Potential for an evil laugh competition????

Are you 18+ years old ?

Darkcity Discord. And aww shoot. Having a discord channel would be a great opportunity for this forum I think. Damn I am getting old!

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You adult chat abergavenny reply to topics in this forum. Excellent find Keast. Bear in mind as well that discord isn't all just VOIP voice chatit's namely a chat program as well, where you can create separate channels and the like for different topics.

Can set up different chats and mic rooms for various discussions within a server too. Do you have access to the perma link?

Come to dark chat city and get in touch with darkers!

Monk chat it can then I think it's a useful addition. Been using it alot with a gaming group and its been pretty useful, thought it would be worth sharing, as I always have trouble with the chat here for some reason. It's basically a voice over IP chat room where you can talk dark city chat other people with a microphone instead of typing.

for fandex. If you'd be kind enough to share the link, we got 9 cf wives chat people that would love to the channel. If anyone can PM me some details on what it is, what it does and how it would be integrated into the forum I will take it up with the other moderators.

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Just an idea. The limit for a discord server is people online at the same time which is more than enough.

Must confess I know nothing about this sort of thing. I ed the one that Arani set up.

If Adhemar or live mistress chat needs help with it, I don't mind assisting. Def up for an evil laugh comp You can both type and use a microphone. You can make permanent links to if you want.

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Would you like to react to this message? Lets spread some Discord! Any status on this at all? Like Dislike.

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Not heard anything back adult chat co uk most of the other mods but my main issue is whether it can be embedded on the website or not. Make that 5! Subject: Re: Darkcity Discord.

Slack would be a good alternative. Free for unlimited users, only costs if you want extra features. Ahh how the world moves forward!

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Will def look into this for the forum. Just a reminder that this still exists if more people want toespecially a mod, I'd love to hand over controls. If not then there's a risk of drawing traffic away from the ash beckham ted talk.

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Permissions in this forum:. So I've been seeing more and more discord servers appearing in various communities on reddit and gaming groups and thought it might be something emerlad chat recommend to the admins here to consider.

Keast Kannegaard Hellion Posts bristol chat 71 date : Sponsored content. Hey, I think that's a great idea!

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